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Awareness Workshop on Bangladesh Single Window for the Officials of Department of Environment (DoEN)

On January 22, 2024, the awareness Workshop at the Department of Environment highlighted the transformative potential of the Bangladesh Single Window System. Arun Kumar Biswas, DPD and Additional Commissioner of Customs (BSW Scheme, NBR), extended a warm welcome to the participants, officially inaugurating the proceedings. Following the welcome address, a comprehensive overview and discussion on the benefits of implementing the Single Window System were facilitated by the key speakers. Participants were treated to a visual representation of the Bangladesh Single Window through a video clip, enhancing their understanding of the system’s functionality and impact. A crucial aspect of the event was the demonstration on the CLP submission process. This hands-on demonstration shed light on the practical aspects of utilizing the Single Window System, giving participants a deeper understanding of its implementation. The event successfully blended informative presentations, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of this pivotal system.

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