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Access for Ministries (CLPIA)

Welcome to the official portal of the Ministry overseeing the CLP owner in the Bangladesh Trade Portal. As a central hub for trade facilitation and commercial activities, we are dedicated to streamlining processes, enhancing transparency, and fostering international and domestic trade relations. 

Our platform provides comprehensive information and resources for traders, businesses, and investors. From policy updates, trade statistics, to regulatory guidelines, we ensure you have the critical information at your fingertips. Our commitment to digitalization and efficient service delivery underscores our role in propelling Bangladesh’s position in the global trade arena. 

Key Features: 

  • Trade Information: Access detailed information about trade policies, agreements, and regulations. 
  • Business Resources: Guides and tools for businesses engaging in import and export. 
  • Investment Opportunities: Insights into Bangladesh’s growing sectors and investment guidelines. 
  • E-Services: A range of digital services for trade facilitation, including applications, registrations, and compliance. 

Stay informed about the latest developments in trade policies, participate in our interactive forums, and take advantage of our extensive network to expand your business horizon. 

Link to the Login Page 

Press following button  if you have already account, else you can reach your ministry for account opening.


SL Full Name Link
1 DGDA-Directorate General of Drug Administration Login
2 DoEn- Department of Environment Login

Others CLPIA Login