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Access for Customs Authorities

Navigate the complexities of international trade with ease through the Customs Portal of the Bangladesh Trade Facilitation National Single Window. This dedicated platform is designed to streamline customs processes, ensuring a smooth, transparent, and efficient customs clearance experience for all stakeholders in the trade community.

Key Benefits for Customs Efficiency

  1. Accelerated Clearance Processes: Experience faster customs clearance with streamlined documentation and automated processing, significantly reducing waiting times for cargo.
  2. Real-Time Tracking and Transparency: Gain access to real-time updates on customs processing, enhancing transparency and predictability in trade operations.
  3. Enhanced Compliance and Security: Benefit from a system that enforces compliance with international trade regulations while ensuring the highest standards of security and fraud prevention.
  4. Integrated Data Management: Leverage a centralized data management system that reduces paperwork, minimizes errors, and facilitates efficient data handling for customs operations.
  5. Collaborative Trade Environment: Foster a more collaborative environment between customs authorities, traders, and other government agencies, enhancing the overall efficiency of the trade ecosystem.

Press following button  if you have already account, else you can reach Customs Authorities for account opening.