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About Us

About Us 

Bangladesh National Single Window (BNSW) 


Empowering Trade, Enhancing Efficiency 

Welcome to the Bangladesh National Single Window (BNSW), a pivotal initiative in the digital transformation of Bangladesh’s trade and customs processes. The BNSW serves as a seamless platform, streamlining the exchange of trade-related information and documents through a single entry point. 


Our Mission 

To revolutionize Bangladesh’s trade landscape by providing a unified, efficient, and transparent interface for all stakeholders in the trade ecosystem. Our goal is to facilitate smoother, faster, and more cost-effective trade processes, boosting Bangladesh’s position in the global market. 


What We Do 

The BNSW integrates various government agencies and trade-related entities, allowing for: 

  • Simplified Procedures: Streamlining documentation and customs processes, reducing the complexity and time required for trade transactions. 
  • Enhanced Transparency: Offering visibility and clarity in trade regulations and procedures, ensuring compliance and ease of doing business. 
  • Real-time Data Exchange: Facilitating swift and secure exchange of information, supporting informed decision-making and efficient operations. 
  • Cost Reduction: Minimizing the expenses associated with trade documentation and processing, benefiting the entire trade community. 


Our Vision 

To establish Bangladesh as a leader in trade facilitation and logistics efficiency in South Asia, leveraging technology to drive economic growth and development. 


Collaboration and Support 

The BNSW is a collaborative effort, supported by various government agencies, international organizations, and the trade community. Our commitment to partnership and innovation is the cornerstone of our approach to advancing Bangladesh’s trade infrastructure. 


Join Us in Transforming Trade 

We invite you to explore the benefits of the Bangladesh National Single Window and join us in this journey towards a more efficient, transparent, and prosperous trade environment.